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Syracuse Pistol Club Rifle & Pistol League Overview- 3/30/2010
Pistol League:
There are no restrictions on barrel length, scopes or dots, iron sights etc. All types of sights are ranked the same 
with our Pistol league. Shooting is with one hand only. There are provisions for two-handed shooting, based upon 
need. A person shooting two-handed is not eligible for certain awards.  
There are three classes:  
1. Rim fire (.17 and .22 caliber)  
2. Center fire (any caliber, no magnums)  
3. Revolver (both rim fire and center fire)              
Rifle League:
The Rifle League is limited to .17 and .22 rim fire ONLY.          
1. Iron Sighted rifle; any type iron sights, Two categories: Target & Sporter rifle.  
2. Scoped Rifle; (dot or scope, no restrictions on power or size)  Two categories Target & Sporter rifle.    
    No shooting slings, rests or artificial support allowed.    
Target rifle:  Heavy barrel or target triggers or target stocks; Any combination of more than one feature.  
Sporter rifle:  Tapered or light barrel, sporter stock, factory or modified triggers allowed.    
NRA Terminology Vs. Ours:
The NRA bullseye competition categories are            
1 - rim fire  
2 - center fire, excluding .45 ACP  
3 - 45 ACP:  
Our rifle league is category 1. However, our pistol league combines the categories to best fit our members.       
We have few revolver shooters, so it made sense to put them all together, regardless of caliber. For center fire,   
we combined categories 2 and 3, again to best fit our members.        

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