The Syracuse Pistol Club began in 1948, organized as the Syracuse Pistol League. later changed to Syracuse Pistol Club. The indoor range was done in 1967, at a cost of $10,000. The club was formed from the vision of many Syracuse area residents who wanted a safe environment where they could practice the sport of target shooting and to also promote safe gun use. Clearly, the club has a lasting heritage, having served shooters in the Syracuse area for over 60 years.

NRA Gold Medal SymbolThat original group has now grown to over 350 active members and continues to attract interest throughout the country and from local citizens who are proponents of safe gun use and who also enjoy the fun of organized target shooting competition. This history is now being documented and we hope to have some snippets of our club history on the website in coming months. Regardless, we are not an overnight success - we have a strong membership of local citizens who are all proponents of safe gun use. Our club is a proud member of the elite NRA Gold Medal Club.

Our club has oversight from our Officers and Directors.


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