Club members who sell guns or gun-related supplies are welcome to have an entry on this page. The benefit in buying from other members is that they will see you at club events, such as league shootings and picnics, and on the range. We get better service because they're there for ongoing advice.

Hotshot Bullets
Member: Paul Komrowski
Website: Hotshot Bullets

Paul's Comments:

I have been in business since 2005, and I am fully licensed to manufacture ammunition and remanufactured ammunition.

My phone number for orders is 591-3543. Select what you want off my web site and email me ( with what you would like. Credit cards accepted. Will ship, or call and arrange for pick up to save in shipping costs.

I sell lead cast bullets for reloading, and I remanufacture ammo and make new ammunition. I reload your brass to save you money in shooting cost!

Clay Holland
Member: Clay Holland
Location: 4472 Millstream Drive, Clay, NY 13041 , phone 315 288 5300

Clay's Comments:

  • NRA certified pistol instructor.
  • Over 20 years experience at competitive bullseye shooting and rifle shooting.

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