These photos are intended to give prospective members a sense of the club. (Scroll down)


As you drive in you will see the overall clubhouse and view. The club area is located approximately 100 yards off of Henry Clay and behind some shrubbery to allow the club to fit in with the local housing.

The clubhouse is on the right and the outdoor range is straight ahead. The garage is primarily used to store outdoor targets.


The outdoor range is excellent for pistol and rifle shooting and allows targets at 25 yards and 50 yards. The frames hold targets that are provided by the club.


This is another view of our outdoor range. A benefit of our outdoor range is that there is weather protection for shooters.


And this is another view of our outdoor range... This view emphasizes that a large number of shooters can be accommodated at the same time.


Here is a view of our new indoor range. We have a fixed range of 50 feet for this range and twelve shooters can participate at the same time. The indoor range is well-lighted and heated for those cold winter months.


This photo shows the shooters' location for the indoor range. Each shooter has privacy panels to minimize distractions from other shooters and there are a number of table also available.


This is our main room in the club house, where meetings are conducted as well as social events. The indoor range is to the immediate left and rest rooms are directly ahead. The kitchen area is usually well-stocked with coffee and we have a soda machine.


We hope you enjoyed the brief tour. We are very proud of our club and hope that prospective members are encouraged to join and to participate.



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