• League will run in conjunction with the pistol league for 18 weeks, Cost will be 10.00 members/20.00 non-members (18 weeks)


  • Rifles will be broken into two categories: Scoped (including Red dots) & Iron sights, only 22 rim fire rifles will be allowed. Shooters will be allowed to shoot backward or forward as many weeks as needed to remain active in the league season, shooters must stamp the date, score and sign their targets prior to submission each week. Postal shooting is allowed.


  • No handicap will be used (raw scores only). Excel Program w/weekly averages will be posted. Rankings will follow the pistol league rankings Master, Expert, Sharpshooter & Marksman (rankings @ end season 1).


  • Rifles will only be handled in designated areas, maintaining safety at all times, chamber empty, action open, magazines out and muzzle up when away from the line. Rifle racks will need to be installed.


  • NRA # 32 style Targets w/ 1 sight in bull and 5 scored bulls. 25 rounds in 25 minutes, 5 shots each bull, a total possible score of 250 (honor system scoring) Range Officer will call the range commands, start clock and monitor the shooters while on the range. Range Officers will not participate, while performing his/her duties. (Safety must be maintained at all times)


  • Rifle shooting will take place after the pistol league shooting is finished (on average 1100-1300 or 1800-2000 hrs) Pistol league teams will not be responsible for range duties for the Rifle league.


  • No slings, palm rests or physical type rests will be allowed. Shooters will be allowed to use a supported rest (natural) while shooting standing free style.


The SPC Board reserves the right to amend or make changes

to these proceures as needed.


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