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Syracuse Pistol Club Where Central New York Shoots Pistols
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Requirements of membership
  • 1.)Possess a New York State Pistol permit or have a pistol on a government issued shield.
  • 2.)Read and understand all the published rules and by-laws
    1. Syracuse Pistol Club By-Laws
    2. SPC Safety Rules
  • 3.)Attend the safety Orientation meeting
  • 4.)Pass the live fire drill.
  • 5.)Pay all the initial dues and fees to join.

Fees for membership

To Join there are a few membership levels available.

  • 1.)Full Membership with shares and voting privileges $110 per year.
  • 2.)Associate Membership (limited to being married to or child of Full member) with no shares and no voting privileges $65 Per year.
  • 3.)Senior Membership with no shares and no voting privileges $65 Per year.
  • 4.)All new members pay a $50 Application fee
  • 5.)All New members pay $10 for their access control FOB.

To Renew, only the membership dues are required.

  • 1.)Full Membership - $110 per year.
  • 2.)Associate Membership - $65 Per year.
  • 3.)Senior Membership - $65 Per year.

Terms of Membership

Syracuse Pistol Club membership term is 1 year from the month you join and the same month every year after.

Membership shares are an indication of the level of ownership of the Syracuse Pistol Club per the By-Laws

Renewal notice will be sent automatically but payment is not automatic.

How to Join

  1. Review the event on the calendar to secure one of 16 spots in the New Member Meeting
    1. Meeting is required and is always scheduled on the third Tuesday evening of the month at 6 PM.
  2. Use the “JOIN” button on the top of the website to enter all your information and agree to the terms of membership.
    1. Required items
      1. New York State Pistol Permit
      2. NRA Number
    2. The member is prospective at this time and pending approval
    3. Your Credit Card will be charged upon approval and required to secure the spot in the event.
  3. On the night of the meeting, you are required to:
    1. Show up on time
    2. Bring your pistol unloaded in a box or bag for safety drill
      1. Pistol registered to you
      2. Enough ammo for drills (20 rounds min.)
      3. Unloaded Magazine
      4. Eye protection
      5. Ear protection
    3. Register with the Membership team showing them
      1. Your NYS Pistol Permit
      2. NRA Membership Card
    4. Participate in the Safety orientation presentation
      1. Know the SPC Rules and review
      2. Become familiar with the club facilities
      3. Review the live fire drill
    5. Demonstrate safe firearm handling
      1. Firing line etiquette
      2. Demonstrate a safe gun
      3. Demonstrate safe firearm handling (boxing and unboxing)
      4. Demonstrate safe firing (three rules demonstrated)
      5. Pass a short written test
    6. Claim your Access Control FOB at the end of the meeting (if you passed)
    7. Print or download your membership card from the website. Paper copy is not required, digital is ok.
      1. SPC Membership Card Instructions

Contact the Membership team with further questions: